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*****Bleeding apple scoly - Doug Vybiral (Clermont, Fl.)
I recieved this scoly yesterday 3/22/12. I am very impressed with not only the packing procedure, but with the animal itself. It is exactly what the picture showed. Beautiful bleeding scoly at a fair price, from what I have seen from other sites. Thank you Reefcorals for a very good job well done. I know I will be ordering again from these fine folks. Thank you Scott.

*****Multicolored Pocillopora - Nancy Rootz (St. Louis Mo.)
Georgeous! It is soo fuzzy with beautiful colors. Very healthy, nice corals from Scott.

*****Great Seller Best I Found..!!!.. - Crystal Franklin (Pennsylivania USA)
Trust me I been on ebay and all coral sites. Believe me Scott cares and will never ship you a damaged coral. Fast shippment too.. But this is a very nice coral a lot better than the ones I bought on E-bay.!!.

*****ORA NEON Green Polyp Toadsool Leather - Sara (Dallas, TX)
This is 1 of the 7 corals I ordered. It was white when I first saw it ... the next day it was bright green! I also have to agree it is a lot bigger than stated. Thank you for the excellent products and being so accommodating with my numerous requests

*****Beautiful zoos - Jarick Cammarato (SC, USA)
They look just as they did in the picture. I got a frag with 18 polyps on it when i was only promised 6-8. Great value.

*****this ones a winner - sheryl p. (tacoma, wa)
I had to write this because this coral is definetely the best in my tank. nothing I have is like it. I like it a lot.

*****thanks again - JR G. (Vonore, TN)
Very yellow under lights. will look for more pieces.

*****Nice size - dave clark (Minneapolis MN)
This was a great buy. 2" frag in great shape.

*****awesome piece - Tim W. (North Charleston, SC)
very pleased with the color, seller works on shipping on good day

*****Great color - dave clark (Minneapolis MN)
This is one of 7 corals I just received in from Scott at Great guy and frags are in great shape as special care is used when selecting corals and when they are prepared for shipping. You will enjoy your buying experience.

*****Purple Up - location ((Portland, OR USA) )
A great sized frag that is becoming more purple every day - polyps extended and the coral is very healthy!

*****Very Happy - Beth Meredith (Hopedale, Illinois)
Very pleased with my order. The coral was a little bit stressed at first (to be expected) but after a little time in my tank, it is coming around nicely. Everyone was very careful with regards to shipping and very willing to work with me. Nice size frag, very healthy and I expect it will be a beautiful addition given that the mother coral is so nice. Thanks for everything. I will be a return customer and I highly recommend Reef Corals.

*****beautiful color - Terri (Houston, TX)
Very nice frag, beautiful color, and Scott included an extra piece!

These are actual customers, with their reviews listed on this site, under the corals they purchased.

We simply copied & pasted them to this testimonial area.

Advantages of Tank Raised Corals
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7 Reasons to Purchase from Reef Corals:

1). You get TANK RAISED Corals grown at our Live Coral Farm, instead of wild corals that are tough to fully acclimate from the ocean to your reef tank. Our corals go from our tank to your tank...easy as can be with virtually no stress at all.

2). Several LARGE pictures of each coral to "really see" what the coral looks like. Not one postage stamp sized picture that is optimized to the hilt. With these pictures you can fully see what you'll have when your coral grows out in your tank. Sure it takes way more time...but we want you happy with your new coral, not disappointed because it looks totally different than the one picture on their site.

3). THE absolute LOWEST qualifying purchase amount to get Free FedEx Express Overnight Shipping ANYWHERE! Why pay for spendy shipping? Even our one coral shipping price and additonal coral price is very low. We feel shipping is a "service" not a "product", so we don't make a dime on our shipping.

4). You can CALL and speak directly to the head Live Coral Farmer at the above listed phone number. He knows every detail about all aspects of care for all the corals we farm. He can tell you exactly where the coral you are interested in will do best in your reef tank, what to feed it, the correct amount of flow, and proper water parameters.

5). Our prices are low because of the volume we do and our low overhead...not because we think we can get a certain price for a special coral. You're buying straight from the farm - No Middleman.

6). Our #1 goal is to have you for a customer for as long as you own your reef tank, so we take care of you. We give you sizes that are as large or larger than what the web site says you'll get. We want you happy! Your Satisfaction is Guarantee!

7). Our farmed corals are the "GREEN" way to reef keeping. You do your part to help the environment by leaving the wild corals on the devastated ocean reefs. You get Tank Raised Corals that are much more hearty and healthy and easy to keep. Remember, we are a Live Coral Farm, so why would we grow average looking corals like your local fish store has? We don't! We grow rare and exotic varieties that you may not have seen before and if you have, ours are more colorful.


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