Orange Dendro
Orange Dendro A very desirable and tough to get coral from Australia, Dendrophyllia fistula is one of the most beautiful corals there is!
A close cousin to the Sun Coral, but with some distinct advantages. The Dendro will have it's polyps extended during the day and has a different growing shape. Also, unlike the Sun coral which is fairly difficult to keep, the Dendro's are very easy! It is non-photosynthetic, so you can put it pretty much anywhere in your tank, but because it's polyps are extended during the day, it will feed when you feed your fish. Yes, hand feeding is something you can also do to make the Dendro's grow faster. Cyclopeeze and Mysis shrimp work very well. This is a very hearty and easy to keep coral that will grow quickly, usually lives a long time, and is one of the most beautiful corals in the reef hobby.
Dendro's should truly be enjoyed with a minimum of 2 polyps. One polyp is very small by itself and can take a long time to produce more polyps. 2 polyps or more makes for a nice display in your reef, and grows faster, where one polyp is hardly visible.
Picture shown is approx. 10 polyps
Frag Size = 2 Polyps min....see cart for other size options...
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Orange Dendro
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February 10, 2016
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