Red People Eater Zoanthids
Red People Eater Zoanthids I always have people ask me for a true red coral that they can add to their reef tank. I show them some sps corals, but some aren't quite ready to keep sps, or don't have the proper lighting, etc. So, it is now nice to be farming a truly red zoanthid that anyone can easily keep. I would actually call these a Palythoa because of the very large polyp size.
I keep these under medium lighting and in low/medium to medium/high flow. I have them under an ATI Sun Power 6 bulb, T5 fixture and they love that amount of lighting. I would think anyone should have wonderful luck keep these and having them thrive.
FRAG SIZE = 3 - 4 polyps & 6 - 8 polyps

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  3 - 4 polyps 6 - 8 polyps
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Red People Eater Zoanthids
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February 8, 2016
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