Orange with Green Tips Birdsnest (Click for Sizes)

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Available in 3 Sizes! - Change Size Below & Price Adjusts Accordingly Above. Please keep in mind...Each larger size will usually have more branches (be bushier).This is a very hearty and easy to grow SPS coral that makes a great starter SPS coral for those who haven't tried keeping SPS before. Also making it a great first SPS coral is it's growth rate! This is THE fastest growing SPS coral I have ever seen!!! Many new reef owners are surprised SPS corals grow as slow as they do. This coral gives them the excitement of having an SPS coral that actually grows faster than many other varieties of fast growing coral. Of course the added bonus is this coral is GREAT LOOKING TOO! Loaded with polyps, this is one nice looking Birdsnest coral. Even long time veteran reef keepers keep this coral in their tank and like it's look.