Reef Corals Green Star Polyps

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HUGE GREAT LOOKING FRAGS RIGHT NOW - What better time for a  S A L E ! ! ! 

We've been growing this special variety of Green Star Polyps (GSP) for nearly 20 years! Why, when star polyps are rather common? Because ours has the longest polyps and the most NEON GREEN you have ever seen! Many have told us exactly that. These really "go with the flow" in your tank. Some have said that GSP will take over your tank...sure, if you don't care for your tank and let them grow unattended.
Here's a simple fix...Just attach our Reef Corals GSP to a rock you want it to fully cover, we suggest a rock not more than medium sized. Then make sure that rock doesn't quite touch any other rocks in your reef. Simple! Your Reef Corals GSP will only be able to grow on that one rock because you haven't given it a "bridge" to propagate itself onto any other rocks! Completely under your control! You'll love the way this look like a field of NEON green grass blowing in the wind, in some fantasy movie or book! So nice, we have it in our own display tank.
FRAG SIZE = 3/4 - 1 "square" inch