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WELCOME TO REEF CORALS!  This website was launched in 2005 and a brand new version launched in April of 2016.  We strive to give you the healthiest and most hearty captive raised corals anywhere. We carefully propagate a large variety of corals to help sustain our wild reefs. We are continually farming and growing new species.  We started in the reef keeping hobby in 1989 and have been hooked ever since!


We farm and grow out Small Polyp Stony corals (like most people frag), but at Reef Corals our farming goes a lot further than just SPS corals....We also grow Large Polyp Stonies (exotic Leathers, Neon Frogspawns, Brilliant Hammers, Blastomussa, Favias, Candy Canes, Echino's, and many, many, more. We propagate Ricordea and other more exotic mushroom corals. We grow out incredible colored colonies of Zoanthids & Palys  for you many Zoa lovers out there. Reef Corals is constantly looking for amazing new corals to add to our farming projects.


Helping the environment by using GREEN products and recycling is what Reef Corals is all about.  We use recyclable boxes for our shipping.  We mount the majority of our corals to a plug so the corals can be floated in water in the shipping bag. This allows very little to no abrasion in transit. These small plugs are reusable many times over.  Many simply put the coral in the bottom of the shipping bag with almost no water.

We strive to recycle and BE GREEN as much as possible and currently recycle all paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, Styrofoam fish and coral shipping boxes (we've NEVER thrown a single one away!), organic waste, and all of the motor oil from our company and individual vehicles. We take recycling and our environment very seriously!

Please help support the environment and global climate change by purchasing your corals from a responsible company that values our wild reefs and the EARTH we live on to the furthest extent possible. Reef Corals is that company!

Thank you for your support!

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