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Live Arrival Guarantee



1). Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!  Since approx. 90% of our corals are Tank Raised, we rarely have anyone lose a coral in shipping.  But, if you do, we are very easy to deal with...Just follow the instructions below, and we'll take care of you.  :)


2). We will send you an email after your corals have been shipped. It will include your tracking number, and what to expect when you first take the corals out of the shipping box. PLEASE read it carefully.


3). Please check your email twice a day after you place your order.  We need to be able to contact you with your tracking number so you know when your shipment of Reef Corals are on the way.  Sorry, we cannot be responsible for you not getting the shipping notification email...Please check your email often.


4). You must be home to receive your delivery from FedEx, on the first attempt.


5). If a coral does not arrive alive, please take a digital picture of the coral WHILE IT'S STILL IN IT'S SHIPPING BAG.  Email the picture to us, within 4 hours of arrival, and if we have another coral of the same variety, we will replace it.  If not, we will give you credit to purchase any other coral that we have available at that time. Corals will be replaced with your next order.


6). Shipping is not include in this replacement.


7). We will replace your corals under the Live Arrival Guarantee once.



Cancelations, Refunds, & Returns


1). If we haven't shipped your corals yet, you can call or email us and cancel or make changes to your order.  Sorry, but there is nothing we can do if your order has shipped.  We are not responsible for not receiving your phone call or email, so PLEASE keep trying if the change you would like to make is important.


2). Because these are "Live" Corals, and they are shipped Overnight Express to you, there are no returns or refunds.  All sales are final.


An order placed implies an acceptance of all stated policies and terms.


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