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Branching Salmon Cyphastrea Coral

Branching Salmon Cyphastrea Coral

I've never seen this variety of Cyphastrea offered on another website before. If you have, you'll be one of the few! An extremely unique and interesting coral that is sure to be one that other reefers you know don't have. Rare and very collectible, if you see it available it's one not to wait on. Colors can range from very light pink to a pink and salmon color like we get from giving it LED lighting and setting it on the bottom in the corner of a 29" deep display tank.  Direct light but from a sharp angle and a distance. Superb shape, colors, and rarity - What's not to like?! One of our very favorites...
FRAG SIZE = 3/4" - 1" (We try to get you at least 1", but often the branches don't grow that long (see pictures).
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