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Cosmo Stylo

Cosmo Stylo

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The color of the cocktail the Cosmopolitan, this Ultra Pink with Blue Polyps Stylophora is a long time part of Reef Corals farming project. We've probably been growing this popular coral for over 10 years. Rarely do you see a coral this pink with blue polyps, making it a magenta coloration! A fantastic contrast to the colors often found in your reef tank, making this coral STAND OUT! It grows in an abstract pattern too, where many Stylophora corals grow in a very consistent kind of bulbous pattern (see our Blackberry Stylophora to compare growing shapes). This is very sought after by rare coral collectors and is not often available. If you see it here and like it, I'd suggest snatching it up because it's bound to be gone quick...
This coral loves lots of light.

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