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Red Flame Mushroom (Click for Sizes)

Red Flame Mushroom (Click for Sizes)

$24.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
Available in 3 Sizes - Change Size Below & Price Adjusts Accordingly Above. 

If you like mushroom corals for their ability to grow well and add color to a place in your tank nothing else will grow in, then you'll love these! Bright NEON RED and super easy to keep is what makes people keep gobbling these up as fast as we can grow them. Reef Corals has been farming these for close to 20 years! I wonder just how many we've grown in that long of a period? I suggest you grab one or more of these gorgeous corals and place it where you think nothing else will grow. Instant color in a spot you'd never think would give some!
FRAG SIZE = One Dime to Nickel Size Mushroom (They shrink way down when shipped, so give them 2 weeks to fully expand).
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